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Álvarez y Asociados is a Law and Accounting Firm aimed principally at registration, management, custody and defense and the enhancement of trademarks, patents and copyright of the holder.

Founded in 2000 under another name, Álvarez y Asociados, made it possible that in the short term important companies, authors and institutions of Rosario and neighboring areas entrusted trademark, patent registration and copyright to the firm as well as the advice on agreements related to them and their defense. We have gained extensive experience in trademark and patent infringement lawsuits, revocation and invalidity actions and lifting of undue oppositions, plagiarism and contract enforcement.

The incorporation of software for online tracking of the procedures and our own offices in the autonomous city of  Buenos Aires have enabled a vast number of national and international colleagues to entrust us with any formalities their clients in our country may need, thus building a solid network of foreign correspondents.

Prestigious universities in the country have long relied on our partners to teach in subject areas related to their specific competencies.

Our mission is to customize the service, professionalize it and make it effective. Its value lies in seeking professional qualified lawyers and accountants who are passionate about their areas, which allows for conflicts to be anticipated and solved creatively when they arise.

Desde hace larga data, prestigiosas universidades de nuestro país confían en nuestros socios para dictar materias relacionadas con las competencias específicas de cada uno de ellos.

Nuestra misión es la personalización del servicio, su profesionalización y  su eficacia. Su valor radica en la procuración profesional personal de abogados y contadores capacitados y apasionados del área, que permite anticipar los conflictos y resolverlos creativamente cuando éstos se presentan.


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