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  • Trademark negotiation and transfer
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In an increasingly competitive market, trademarks are the elements that identify the company enabling it to retain customer loyalty. Through trademarks we can talk to our clients and tell them about our product or service.

They require a significant investment from your firm which can only be recouped by an effective legal protection that results in the possibility of excluding unauthorized third-party use.

What is a trademark?/h5>
A trademark is a distinctive sign that identifies products or services.
Which signs can be registered as trademarks?

Any sign that has a distinct ability and differentiates from pre-existing trademarks can be registered. Logos, reliefs containers, scents, sounds, words, phrases, emblems, and all those signs that can be differentiated from others can be registered.

Which signs cannot be registered as trademarks?

The necessary, usual or generic designation of products or services to be identified cannot be registered.
Terms that describe the nature, function or essential characteristics of a product or service.
The shape or necessary color of the product
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Origin denominations
Signs contrary to morals and good conduct
National, provincial and municipal official signs, foreign and international signs (which are officially acknowledged)
Name, pseudonym and portrait of people without their consent or their heirs’.
Unauthorized third-party intellectual developments

Can I use my name as a trademark?

It is possible to use your name as a trademark but a search to check that it has not been previously registered shall be conducted For further information::

Haven’t you chosen your trademark yet? Here you will find tips to make the right decision:
Do I have any rights on my business name which is not registered?

Trade names and/or designation of activities are protected by the trademark law. Although it is more limited than the registered trademark law, it can be useful to defend your rights.

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What does the procedure entail?/h5>
The procedure starts when the application is submitted. Then the trademark is published in the Trade Mark Bulletin and from that date, third parties can file opposition

In case there are oppositions, the registration process is suspended until its lifting (judicial or extrajudicial) is obtained. Once this stage is overcome or there are no oppositions, the trademark undergoes a thorough study and if there are no observations, the trademark is granted.

How long does the procedure take?

The average time for the registration procedure is between 12 and 18 months.

Who can register a trademark?

Human or legal people, national or foreign people can register a trademark. They can be in more than one name.

If my trademark is registered in Argentina, is the registration valid abroad?

The protection of the registered trademark extends to each country granting registration, consequently, it is necessary to register the trademark abroad if you are planning to export your products and/or services. Our firm has a solid network of correspondents around the world.

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How long does a registered trademark last?

The duration of a registered trademark is 10 years, as of the date of being granted, renewable for equal periods.

How much does registration of a trademark cost?

Request a quote to the following email: info@alvarezyasoc.com.ar info@alvarezyasoc.com.ar


our trademark requires a significant investment that deserves an effective legal protection.


We offer consultancy on the subjective right that the law recognizes to the creator of an invention.


The author has moral and proprietary rights that must be managed responsibly.


Our clients' projects require counseling of professionals specialized in legislative, tax and management matters.
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