• Business plans for entrepreneurs and companies
  • Cultural industries: Comprehensive advice, training
  • Building and organization of Civil Associations, Foundations, Credit Unions and Cooperatives
  • Building and Organization of Partnerships
  • Project Funding Management
  • Subsidy Accountability
  • Comprehensive management of administrative, accounting, tax and labor issues.
  • Certifications
  • Audits
  • Salaries and remunerations settlement
  • Headhunting and recruitment of personnel


As a team of professionals at Alvarez y Asociados, we assist our clients in creating the structural support so that artists, entrepreneurs, companies or civil organizations can engage in the strengthening of their specific interests knowing that the management of their intangible assets, the administrative, financial, tax, labor and accounting matters will be efficiently developed.

CULTURAL INDUSTRIES: film, theater, music, design, publishing house, videogames


As Experts  in budgetary and management law of the projects of this segment, weadvise  our clients on managingand optimizing their  resources. . We perform comprehensive project analysis, financialprojections,the  grants and awards , administration as well as accounting allocations, salaries and tax settlement,  financial accountability accountability and any professional tasks required by control bodies..

NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: school cooperatives, associations, foundations, cooperatives, credit unions.

These organizations have a common denominator: an altruistic and supportive aim for our society. We join them by providing our professional and expert knowledge in order to establish them, advise them and provide them with services regarding administrative, tax, labor and accounting matters as well as advising them on their obligations in relation to their control bodies.


We know that undertaking a project is exciting, for that engine to keep the same energy, we focus on  analyzing, projecting and advising entrepreneurs on enhancing their aspirations, providing them with the tools to make their projects come true.


It is not always easy to understand formal and tax obligations, that is why we have solutions so that small taxpayers are able to comply with them in an expeditious way and with no complications.


To carry out projects, businesses and initiatives, it is necessary to staff teams with competent collaborators. To this effect, we offer assistance with the personnel recruitment and selection processespayroll settlement and social security contributions, enrollment of employees in official entities, detection of training needs and further development of activities.


Para llevar adelante proyectos, negocios e iniciativas es necesario integrar equipos con colaboradores idóneos, para ello les ofrecemos un acompañamiento en los procesos de reclutamiento y selección de su personal, liquidación de haberes y cargas sociales, inscripción de empleados en los organismos oficiales, detección de necesidades de capacitación y el posterior desarrollo de actividades.


our trademark requires a significant investment that deserves an effective legal protection.


We offer consultancy on the subjective right that the law recognizes to the creator of an invention.


The author has moral and proprietary rights that must be managed responsibly.


Our clients' projects require counseling of professionals specialized in legislative, tax and management matters.
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